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Valentina Evening Gowns - golden silk with open back
Valentina Evening Gowns
Valentina Brdial Gown peral twined
Valentina Brdial Gowns

About us - The Philosophy of Our Craftsmanship

Helena Niki, lead designer of Valentina bridal and evening gowns haute couture fashion house, believe that immaculate miner details in the whole ensemble makes the differ between splendid gown to a perfect one.
Valentin’s bridal gowns collection is assembled from a verity of styles, patterns and eras, so you could find your wedding gown style and design which allure you.


The design process of your wedding gown begins with your own dream, which Helena interpret by years of craftsmanship expertise ,endless patience and love while taking into consideration attributes such as height, figure, eye and hair color. This utual process includes finding the style and direction which fits you, the pattern and fabrics that entice you, the correct type and amount of ornaments that will be integrated in the gown and Helen’s inimitable artistic abilities till reaching the desired result.

Helen’s radiant designs entwine from high quality fabrics such as silk, chiffon, Italian lace, brocade, handmade interweave of pearl beads and Swarovski stones. Fluctuate between the mesmerizing simplicity to fascinating attendance of extravaganza. Valentina fashion house unique design and cut techniques were developed by Helena, enable the creation of refined and enticing bridal gowns though comfortable and ease of movement.

Our collection also includes prêt-à-porter bridal gowns from hand-picked haute couture designers from France, Italy and Spain. Our team of expert seamstresses and modelers will suit them to your physique as if it were tailor made specially for your celebration.

Valentina fashion house also offer singular haute couture evening gowns in astounding collection designed by Helena for the bride’s and groom’s sisters and mothers. All of Helena’s designs can be sewn in verity of colors according to wearer’s measurements and modesty requirements.


Art and oeuvre are a significant part of Helen’s life since childhood. In addition for design and fashion, she plays the piano, paint and even learned ballet dancing. For the past three decades Helena creates fashion and for the last twenty years she is involved in designing and producing haute couture gowns. Every day she creates wearable art works which introduce light, colors and love to her clients.